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Messianic Parsha Reading

Our Messianic Scripture Readings come from the Torah, the Prophets, and the New Testament. Enjoy this Bible reading plan!

Last Week's Parsha

10/16/2014 Deut.14:22-16:17 1Kings 8:54-56
10/17/2014 Num.29:35-301:1

This Week's Parsha

10/17/2014 Deut. 33:1-34:12 Josh 1:-18 Lk. 24:44-53
10/18 2014 Gen.1:1–6:8 Isa.42:5–43:10 Jn.1:1–18

Next Week's Parsha

10/25/2014 Gen.6:9–11:32 Isa.66:1–24 Lk.1:1–80

2013-2014 Messianic Parsha Readings from the Scripture (PDF)


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